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Developing musicians of all ages within a Biblical worldview.

Our Team

The music academy teachers are Juniors and Seniors in the music program at Faith. Our teachers strive to be creative, kind, caring, and competent. Every student will be carefully matched with a compatible teacher.

Nicholson, Sherri

Sherri Nicholson


    Sherri Nicholson completed her Bachelor’s degree in Music with an emphasis in piano performance from Pillsbury Baptist Bible College. She earned a Masters of Arts from Bob Jones University in Piano Pedagogy. Her experience includes teaching at Musical Impressions, Northwestern Music Academy, and operating her own studio Discovery Piano Studio as a Nationally Certified Teacher.

    Throughout her career, she has actively served as a musician in churches, conferences, and presented in her local Des Moines Piano Teacher chapter. She is an active adjudicator for Des Moines, The National Federation of Music Teachers, MAACS Fine Arts, St. Paul Piano Teachers, and MTNA. Her volunteer roles include Vice President of the St. Paul Piano Teachers and the editor for the Iowa Music Teachers Magazine.

    She has studied piano with many distinguished pianists Dr. Kenon Renfrow, Dr. Paul Wirth, Dr. Alan Huckleberry, and Dr. Rene Lecuona.

    Her hobbies include hiking, jogging, traveling, and spending time with her husband and four daughters.


Logan Scheps

Artisan Teacher

    Logan Scheps was raised in a home where music was everywhere. They all sang together at church and even just around the house. Everyone in his family has played a huge part in Logan’s journey to be the pianist he is today. Logan was self-taught for most of his earlier age but eventually began to take lessons from a piano teacher.

   Since then he has taken lessons from a few teachers, most recently, Mrs. Sherri Nicholson. Logan recently graduated from Faith Baptist Bible College with a degree in Sacred Music with an emphasis in piano pedagogy. His goal is to make a difference in his life for God in as many ways as he can; through teaching and performing music, ministering, and counseling. Logan enjoys hanging out with friends, playing sports, singing, and, of course, playing the piano.


Allison Treiber

Artisan Teacher

    Since she was young, Allison (Yuan) Treiber has made music part of her life. She discovered a piano at a friend’s house when she was eight and decided to teach herself how to play. A few months later, her parents enrolled her in piano lessons, starting her on a musical journey.

     She has studied with various teachers throughout the years, most recently with Mrs. Sherri Nicholson. She loves to accompany choirs, play offertories in church, and find fun duets to perform with her sisters. She recently received a degree in Local Church Discipleship Ministries and Music from Faith Baptist Bible College. Her goal is to encourage and minister to others through discipleship, counseling, and teaching. She has enjoyed applying what she has learned in her pedagogy classes to her piano lessons. Over the past couple of years, she has taught piano lessons to a variety of age groups, ranging from young children to adults.

     Allison enjoys playing sports, reading books, traveling to different countries, spending time with her husband, Luke; and playing the cello.


Rebecca Franklin

Apprentice Teacher

    Rebecca studies music, Bible, and counseling at Faith Baptist Bible College – and loves it! She grew up as a missionary kid in northeast Brazil where her parents serve at a Bible college and church plant. Her parents invested in piano lessons for their four daughters, through which Rebecca developed a love for classical music. She is always eager to exchange music recommendations with friends. One quickly discovers that Rachmaninoff is her favorite flavor, for that composer’s vibe encapsulates Rebecca’s motto of “sobered dazzlement.”

She believes that a facet of love for others and for the Ultimate Creator of Beauty is enjoying God’s good gifts throughout the enigmas of life by developing her passion for understanding aesthetics, appreciating good music, and sharing it with others. 


Lexi LaFleur

Apprentice Teacher

    Lexi LaFleur grew up at the piano. She took lessons from her dad for thirteen years, spent hours sight-reading and practicing, and played for her church often. She is now a junior in the music program at Faith and enjoys being a collaborative pianist, accompanying for the school chorale, and traveling with the Uplift Music Team. 

Lexi takes every chance she can to travel the world and expand her view of God and His creation. She loves spending time with her family and spoiling her many nieces and nephews. Lexi also enjoys playing for Faith’s women’s soccer team.



Emma Pedersen

Apprentice Teacher

    Emma Pedersen is a senior in the Music Education program. She has studied voice privately since high school. Emma has traveled with the Uplift Music Team, Chamber Choir, Chorale, and a Summer Ministry Tour with Forever Be Sure.

Emma’s hobbies include singing, playing ukulele, and shopping.


Brianna Carroll

Apprentice Teacher

     Brianna Carroll received a degree from Faith Baptist Bible College in the World Missions program with a minor in music and an emphasis in biblical counseling. From an early age, she developed her love for music as she grew up singing in church. During her time at FBBC, she has enjoyed participating in private voice lessons, chorale, chamber choir, and the Uplift traveling ministry team.

     Brianna enjoys singing, playing piano and guitar, spending time with family and friends, visiting historical sites, listening to podcasts, and learning Greek. Brianna hopes to go to seminary and continue teaching private music lessons, while remaining active in her local church.


Cesar Gutierrez

Apprentice Teacher

     Cesar Gutierrez grew up in a musical family in Trujillo, Peru. At the age of six, he started taking violin lessons at the conservatory. When he was fifteen, he joined the Trujillo symphony where he played for four years. After that, he taught at the music academy in Trujillo for four years. In high school, he knew he wanted to come to Faith Baptist Bible College to study sacred music. His goal is to return to Peru to teach music in his hometown.

      Cesar enjoys playing violin for church, orchestra, family, and friends. He enjoys singing, playing soccer, hiking, and writing music.


Jenni Farrell

Apprentice Teacher

     Jenni Farrell has played flute for over 18 years! She played in the top honor bands all throughout her middle and high school years. She even played in the Iowa All-State Band. She then went to Faith Baptist Bible College and studied Music Education. She participated in handbells, chorale, and orchestra. She has been teaching lessons for over 8 years now and loves teaching even more than playing. She enjoys getting to pass on her love for flute and for music. 

Payment Options

Artisan Teacher: $34/30 minute lesson
Has received a Bachelors Degree in Music

Apprentice Teacher: $26/30 minute lesson
Junior or Senior in the Music Program

Payments can be made by semester or by month to the music academy. We accept check, cash,
or credit/debit card. Payments can be made with Abi Stilwell in Domokos Hall.

*If you have any questions please contact Abi Stilwell:
Email: faithmusicacademy@faith.edu  |  Phone: 515.422.5623

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